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Volvoxon is a 6 star Other Arkadion. Its element is Earth.


Recipe: 4X Volvon. Recipe is obtained by arriving at Larkel and unlocking the Fusion Lab.

Golden egg.        


1st Form


Recipe: 4X Volvon

2nd Form

Final Evolution

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Volvon Volvoxon


LVL HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
1 41 18 18 15 33 33
25 388 189 189 15 325 325

Moves (At lvl. 1)Edit

Moves TU Description
Acid Body 0 When this Arkadion gets hit, it alters enemy's stats:

Defense -1

Resist -1

Decoy 0 Passive move. Makes enemies more likely to attack this target.
Detonate 250 Targets 1 enemy. 71-86 Physical damage (Earth).

Extra effect: This Arkadion sacrifices itself.

Holyvoid 250 Prevents 100% of Holy damage until the target is hit 2 times.

Extra effect: This Arkadion sacrifices itself.

Plague 100 Targets all enemies. Decreases the speed by 30%

for a duration of (500 TU).

Extra effect: 32-39 Earth damage to all enemies over the duration

Risky Heal 250 Targets 1 ally. Heals 36-44 hp.

Extra effect: There is a 40% chance this Arkadion will be sacrificed.

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