Online Mission 3/1/14, first 10% of people who completed the mission.

Fusion of 4x Horrorfish.

Golden Egg.


At level 99:

Hp: Physical Damage: Magical Damage:  Speed:     Physical Resistance: Magical Resistance:
1826 1441  1106    23 1679 1730


Chain Fang: Single-target attack. Attack will splash to all other enemy arkadions with the same element as the first target. 1625-1986 Physical damage(shadow). 130 TUs.

Soul Eater: Single-target attack. +25.00% damage per enemy this arkadion defeats in battle. 2139-2614 Physical damage(shadow). 250TUs.

Endbringer: AOE(multi-target) attack. Duration 300 TUs. After duration, all effected enemies will be defeated. 250 TUs.

Volatile:  AOE(multi-target) attack. When this arkadion is defeated after activating this ability, and this arkadion isn't the last arkadion in battle, deals 3242-3963 damage.

Other information:

Hunt this Arkadion?

Yes. Powerful arkadion. The endbringer ability is a must have on anyone's lineup.

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