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Sparkong is a 6 Star Beast Arkadion. Its element is Air.

It evolves from Sparkape at level 21 and evolves into Thunderback at level 37.


How to obtainEdit

Sparkong cannot be caught in the wild.

It evolves from Sparkape at level 21.

Evolution Edit

Spark Sparkape Sparkong Thunderback


Moves TU Description
Chain Spark 100 Targets 1 enemy. 16-19 magical damage. Splash damage to enemies with same element as target.
Last Stand 50 Targets 1 enemy. 9-11 physical damage. +700% if alone in party. Ineffective if there are other Arkadions in party.
Clobber 160 Targets 1 enemy. 24-29 physical damage.
Lightning 200 Targets all enemies. 14-17 magical damage.
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