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Shisaguard is a Beast type Arkadion that can be obtained in a golden egg spin. It also evolves from Shisapup.

Shisguard is an air elemental, which makes it strong against water types and weak against earth.


(Level) HP (Hit Points) Attack Magic Speed Defence Resist
1 69 43 57 18 59 66
99 2080 1289 1695 20 1781



Ability Name Targets Effects to Target(s) Other Effects TU
Dark Void All Arkadions in Party Prevent 100% of damage from any attack with the shadow element.

Effect lost after the Arkadion is damaged twice.

Sacrifices Shisaguard

Whirlwind Up to 2 enemies Deals 1120-1369 Magical Damage (Air) 130
Mysticbane Up to 1 enemy Deals 837-1024 Physical Damage (Air) 200% VS Mystic Element Type 130
Xenowind Up to 1 enemy Deals 3282-4011 Magical Damage (Air) -99.90% per enemy with the same element as this Arkadion 160