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Shadowkit is an Angelic type Arkadion that can be obtained on an Online Mission. You need five Shadowkits to make Shadowstalker through a recipe.

Shadowkit is a Holy elemental, which makes it very strong against Shadow types, but weaker compared to most other types.


Level HP Attack Magic Speed Defence Resist
1 42 17 12 19 43 52


Name Targets

Effect to targets

(level 1)

Other effects TU
Chain Claw Up to 1 enemies Deals 18-23 Physical damage (Holy) Splashes damage to enemies that are of the same element as the first target 130
Daydream Any Arkadion in battle at random Puts to sleep for 105 TUs Any damage will wake it 70
Scapegoat Up to 1 allies -

Taunts enemies, making them more likely to attack this target.

Duration: 500

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