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Raijin is a 7.5 star mystic type Arkadion. It's element is wind.


Raijin can be obatained through a recipe. The recipe is obtained as a reward for completing a side quest at Lassandal. This quest is part of a series of side quests beginning at Maldan and the previous ones need to be completed to obtain this quest. Requires 4 Raioh.


HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
52 16 43 14 25 35


Raijin does not evolve.


Moves TU Description
Chain Spark 100 Targets 1 enemy. 38-47 magical damage. Splash damage to enemies with same element type as target.
Lightning 200 Targets all enemies. 33-40 magical damage.
Shock 100 Targets 1 enemy. 30-37 magical damage. Stuns target for 50 TUs.
Flash Bomb 250 Target all enemies. Stuns for 200 TUs. Sacrifices Raijin.