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Metallo is a 4 star Metal Arkadion. Its element is Elementless.

Be patient, it takes a few run throughs to catch.

It has a defender ability that comes into effect at the beginning of battle. It will actively block attacks meant for other Arkadions, so be wary of what attacks to use if you are trying to catch a Metallo.

Can be used for the Barricadus recipe.


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Any floor in Azid Ziggurat to the South of Lassandal.

The spawn rate is 2-4%.

It's wild level is around


1st Form

Evolves at lvl 40

2nd Form

Final Evolution

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Metallo Metallodious

Stats (level 1) Edit

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
35 3 3 15 31 31


Move Targets TU Description
Tackle 1 100 Deals 2-3 physical damage.
Decoy Self - Enemies are more likely to attack this target.

Stats are taken from level 1.

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