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Leafy is a 2.5 star Dragon Arkadion. Its element is Earth. Like the other baby dragon hatchlings, Leafy is one percent.


First tile North of Agramis. Spawn rate 1/200 (0.5%) with a guaranteed encounter at 2000 battles without meeting a hatchling.

Catching Tip #1:  Metallodious's Escape ability makes eating rare

Arkadions at least twice as fast.  No waiting for attacks to process or collecting 3 XP and 10 gold after battles, and the Escape move works 1%

of the time.  Thanks to reedobandito for the tip .

Catching Tip #2: Get yourself a low lvl Seaspine or a high lvl Seaquill. Once you do get one of the hatchlings to appear you will notice that it doesn't have 100% Catch Rate unless you use Gold.

Let the hatchling attack Seaspine or Seaquill. As long as your Seaspine is of a lower level it should hurt the hatchling just enough to increase it to 100% Catch Rate. Nothing is worse than finally having the monster appear only to not catch it due to it not being a 100% Catch Rate.

Catching Tip #3: Have 3 high level Arkadions first in your line up that have sacrificing abilities, and then any number of weaker Arkadions to follow them. Use the 3 stronger Arkadions to sweep and clear until a Leafy shows up. Then use your sacrificing moves to kill them and switch out with the weaker Arkadions. This allows you to grind through battles whilst still keeping the weaker ones at low enough levels not to kill Leafy when it shows up but still weaken it enough for a 100% catch rate on the bronze capture card. Holy Arkadions usually have moves like "Offering" which work well with this method.


1st Form

Evolves at lvl 6

2nd Form

Evolves at lvl 25

3rd Form

Evolves at lvl 50

4th Form

Final Evolution

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Leafy Leafwing Greenwing Gaiawyrm


Stats taken from Lv. 4 immediately after capturing.

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
167 48 58 14 119 119


Leaf Blade


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