Hadehound is a 9 star beast type Arkadion. Its element is Shadow.


Fusion of Hadepups

Golden Egg

Stats (At lvl 1)Edit

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
73 36 36 19 69 69


Moves (At lvl 1)Edit

Move TU Description
Chain Claw 200 Targets 1 enemy. 58-71 Physical damage (Shadow) that Splashes to enemies of the same element as the first target.
Decoy Make enemies more likely to attack this targer
Mysticbane 130 Targets 1 enemy. 28-35 physical damage (Shadow).

Extra effect: Damage increases 200% VS Mystic

Twilight 250 Targets all enemies. 34-41 Magical damage(Shadow).
Devour 250 Self-affect only. Sacrifices last Arkadion in line-up that isn't in battle.

Heals 71-86 hp

Effectiveness increases 3.0% per level of the sacrificed target.

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