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Gearwolf is a Metal type Arkadion that can be obtained as an Online Mission reward. It can also be obtained through recipes by combining five Gearhounds.

Gearwolf is a Shadow elemental, which makes them only vulnureable to Holy Arkadions.


Level HP Attack Magic Speed Defence Magic
1 82 81 42 22 78 74
  • Level 99 and the best ocarina.


Name Targets

Effect to targets

(level 1)

Effect to targets

(level 99)

Other effects TU
Chain Claw Up to 1 enemy Deals 132-161 Physical damage (Shadow) Splashes damage to enemies that are of the same element as the first target 200
Rend All enemies Deals 76-93 Physical damage (Shadow) - 250
Xenofang Up to 1 enemies Deals 190-233 Physical damage (Shadow) -99.90% per enemy with the same element as this Arkadion 160
No Defence All Arkadions in your party

+78 Attack

- 78 Defence

Duration: 500

Adds Arkadion's Defense to its Attack

Last Fury Death Revenge Effects to All Allies

-2 Attack

+2 Magic

This effect does not activate if the killing blow was also a battle ending blow -
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