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Gearhound is a Metal type Arkadion that can be obtained on an Online Mission. Five Gearhound can be combined into Gearwolf.

Gearhound is a Shadow elemental, which makes them only vulnureable to Holy Arkadions.


Level HP Attack Magic Speed Defence Resist
1 142 99 90 21 142 139


Name Targets Effect to targets Other targets TU
Angelbane Up to 1 enemies 22-27 Physical damage (Shadow) 200% VS Angelic 130
Chain Claw Up to 1 enemies Deals 32-39 Physical damage (Shadow) Splashes damage to enemies that are of the same element as the first target 130
Fangs Up to 1 enemies Deals 38-47 Physical damage (Shadow) - 160
Last Fury Death Revenge Effect to All Allies

+2 Attack

+2 Magic

This effect does not activate if the killing blow was also a battle ending blow -
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