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Frostjack is a 2.5 star mystic arkadion. It's element is water. It evolves into Frostknight at level 25.

This arkadion is pretty rare and ii is used for 2 important and strong recipes:

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The Frostjack can only be found at one position.

Start from Orlen, the first town, and go south along the coast. Go until you can't go further, like shown in the picture.

The spawn rate is about 2%.

Be patient, it takes a few tries to get it.

Evolution Edit

1st Form

Evolves at lvl

2nd Form

Final Evolution

Frostjack Frostknight

Stats Edit

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
29 6 9 12 9 14

Stats are taken from level 1

Moves Edit

Move TU Description
Hail 100 Targets 1 enemy. Deals 8-9 magical damage.
Airvoid 250 Prevents 100% of Air damage from enemies for two hits. Sacrifices your Arkadion.

Stats are taken from level 1.

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