Firesoldier is a 2.5 Star Insect Arkadion. It's element is Fire.

It evolves from Fireworker at level 8.



How to obtainEdit

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Firesoldier can be found in these mountains and around

Firesoldier can be found east and south-east in the mountain of Finam.

Firesoldier evolves from Fireworker at level 8.

Evolution Edit

1st Form

Evolves at level 8

2nd Form

Final Evolution

Fireworker Firesoldier

Stats Edit

Stats are taken from level 1.

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
29 9 6 10 14 9

Moves Edit

Stats are taken from level 1.

Move TU Description
Twin Blade 160 Targets 2 enemies. Deals 9-11 damage.
Toxic Gas 100 Targets all enemies. Deals 16-19 damage over 500 TU duration.
Harden 100 Increase Defense by 8.
Venom Gift 130 Adds ability to all Arkadions in your party.  Deals 8-9 damage when this Arkadion attacks an enemy. Deals damage over 500 TU.
Course Passive Deals 8-9 damage to enemies when Arkadion is killed. Does not activate if unit's death is the end of a battle. Deals damage over 500 TU.

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