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How to efficiently farm monsters.Edit

This method is currently the fastest way of obtaining the rare hard-to-find arkadions in the game. First, you will need a Metallodius, which is only obtained by evolving it from the previous evolution, Metallo. Metallo can be found in the Azid Ziggurat dungeon south of Lassandal but as it is uncommon it can take at least an hour to find one. Metallodius has the ability escape, which instantly allows you to escape from a battle at a 100% chance without the need to fight the monsters or manually hit escape.

Tips for Setup/CatchingEdit

When trying to obtain a rare arkadion there are procedures you should follow to decrease the time needed and to have the best possible chance at catching it. Metallodius has a speed of 24 so any monsters below 20 are approriate for setting in the same party as him so as to allow it to always go first thus being able to escape if you don't see the monster you need. Another tip is to use monsters with flash bomb, which allows you to stun the opposing monsters so they can't attack or use moves that would hurt you or sacrifice themselves. Some monsters include Rajinn, Stormfox or even Kentucky, which allows you to perform stun gift so that when your monsters attack they will be able to stun the enemy. When cataching low level monsters use monsters that are low level/damage apporiate to the level of the monster you need to catch so as to decrease their health to the minimum amount that will not kill them thus increasing your odds of catching them. A setup that could be used persay for a Cherub is as follows: Metallodius, Stormfox, Rajinn, Seaquill, and Volvon. Stormfox and Rajinn stunning the monster(s) and Seaquill and Volvon using movings to decrease their health with their lowest damage moves over and over until you have a high enough percentage that you feel comfortable catching the arkadion you want with.