Don Penguini is 8.5 star Bird arkadion. Air type.


The Move's attributes are set to a default of level 34 when Penguini evolves into a Don Penguini.

1. Chain Beak - This ability targets 1 enemy. Splashes                                 damage to enemies that are of the same                             element as the first target. Deals 44-53                               Physical damage (Air). (TU):160

2. Showdown - This ability targets all enemies. Effects                              increased by: 700% if alone in your party                            in a battle. This ability is ineffective if there                          are other Arkadions in your party.                                        Deals 14-17 Physical damage (Air). (TU):100

3. Charisma - Gives all friends: +1 Attack; +1 Magic.

4. Throw - This ability targets 1 enemy. Sacrifices the last Arkadion in your line-up that is not in battle.                                       Deals 110-135 Physical damage (Air). (TU):250

5. Retreat - This ability affecs this Arkadion only. Sends the Arkadion to the very back of the line-up. (TU):250

6. Volatile - Death Revenge Effects to Random Target [100% chance]: This effect does not activate if the killing blow                    was also a battle ending blow. Duration: 1. Deals 9-11 Air damage over the duration.

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Don Penguini is the final evolution of Penguini which evolves at level 34.

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