First ones are Arkadions that have existed for a long time, they were the first attempts at creating Arkadions.

First Ones can be summoned during battle by tapping on your character at the bottom right of the screen once your energy bar has been filled.  Energy is generated every time your Arkadions deal and receive damage.  First Ones will fight alongside you, but cannot be controlled.  The energy bar is reset to zero when you summon a First One or enter a town.  Each First One can only be used one time until you return to a town.


Different First Ones can be obtained through storyline quest completion.



First Ones do not evolve.

You can upgrade first ones by summoning them once you reach full energy during 

battle. Energy is full once the blue bar on the bottom of your avatar is full, and flashes. Eventually the grade will increase from E- to E, then to E+, then D-, and so on.

You can only summon a First One once, until you refresh it by visiting a town or city. However once you do visit one, your energy will be depleted - so make sure you finish out a few more battles to summon a First One if possible before returning, so that stored energy is not wasted.


Stats taken from E- immediately after capturing.

All stats increase as the grade of the First One increases, as does the rate of bonus actions.

HP Attack  Magic Speed Defense Resistance
??     ??     ??     ??        ??          ??

First OnesEdit

# Name Image # of Stars Evolves at Type Location


(Pictures for Rares)

354 Zephys
5 First One Follow the story
355 Arborus
6 First One Follow the story
356 Dahag
7 First One Follow the story
357 Vulcarex
7.5 First One Follow the story
358 Esapid
8 First One Follow the story
359 Deucalion
9 First One Follow the story
360 Tiamat
10 First One

:Follow the story



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