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Bronzeshell is a 2 Star Insect Arkadion. It's element is Fire.

It doesn't have an Evolution and stays in its form.

It's main ability is ..... . The Bronzeshell will sacrifice itself and summon a new, random arkadion, which is then at the end of your team. The summoned arkadion has the same level as the Bronzeshell, that summoned it. It will disappear after the end of a battle.

FANDOM User Quote: "Please everybody wait! Bronzeshell, as we know, doesn't have a page or evolution yet. You people have no patience these days."

How to obtain Edit

Bronzeshell can be found found in the desert west of Handal.

Can also be obtained through an Egg.

Evolution Edit

1st Form

(No Evolution)


Stats Edit

Stats are taken from level 1.

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
44 3 3 2 21 10

Moves Edit

Stats are taken from level 1.

Move TU Description
Mutation 250 Adds a random Arkadion to the end of your team. Sacrifices your Arkadion.
Harden 100 Targets only itself. Increases Defense by 8.
Sleeping gas 250 Targets all enemies AND allies. Puts targets to sleep for 179 TU. Damage will wake the target.
Guardian 100 Enemies are more likely to attack this target.  Duration lasts 500 TU.
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