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Breezekite is a 3 Star Bird Arkadion. It's element is Air.

It evolves from Breezeling at level 11 and evolves into Breezehawk at level 20.

How to obtain Edit

Breezekite can be found in the forest between Theign and Ergan.

It evolves from Breezeling at level 11.

Can also be obtained through an Egg. (Please Confirm)

Evolution Edit

1st Form

Evolves at level 11

2nd Form

Evolves at level 20

3rd Form

Final Evolution

Breezeling Breezekite Breezehawk

Stats Edit

Stats are taken from level 1.

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
31 9 7 12 16 11

Moves Edit

Move TU Description
Double Stab 100 Targets 2 enemy. Deals 5-6 damage.
Fishbane 100 Targets 1 enemy. Deals 5-6 damage. 200% damage to Aquatic enemies.
Haste 100 Targets all enemies. Increases Speed by 38%.
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