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Blockadus is a 5 star other type arkadion. It's element is earth.


Blockadus can be found directly north of Eldgard and can be found on the bridge west of Deucalis.


HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
45 8 3 10 43 13


Blockadus does not evolve.


Move TU Description
Decoy 0 Passive move. Makes enemies more likely to attack Blockadus.
Fang Break 0 Passive move. When hit, lowers attacker's attack and magic by 1.
Harden 100 Targets Blockadus. Increases defense by 8.
No Guard 100 Adds arkadion's defense to it's attack. Lasts 500 TUs.
Tackle 100 Targets 1 enemy. 7-8 physical damage.
Guardian 100 Makes enemies more likely to attack Blockadus. Lasts 500 TUs
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