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Bitefish is a 1.5 Star Aquatic Arkadion. It's element is Water.

It evolves into Biteschool at level 13.

How to obtain Edit

Bitefish can be found at the south tip of Orlen (at the coast), on the coast north-west of Windon and around the lake of Finam and Heorot.

Can also be obtained through an Egg.

Evolution Edit

1st Form

Evolves at level 13

2nd Form

Final Evolution

Bitefish Biteschool

Stats Edit

Stats are taken from level 1.

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
27 10 4 8 4 4

Moves Edit

Stats are taken from level 1.

Move TU Description
Puncture 100 Targets 1 enemy. Deals .... damage.

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