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Barricadus is a 9.5 star metal type arkadion. Its element is shadow.


Barricadus is obtained through a recipe. The recipe can be acquired from a side quest at Reijin on Crescent Island. It is the last of a series of chain quests starting at Maldan, and you'll need to complete the previous ones to unlock the last quest. Fusion requires Blockadus and Metallo.

Stats (level 99)Edit

HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resistance
2337 578 172 3 3563 3563


Barricadus does not evolve.


Move TU Description
Fang Break 0 When Barricadus gets hit, reduces attacker's attack and magic stats by 1.
Headbutt 130 Targets 1 enemy. 20-25 physical damage.
Guardian 100 Targets Barricadus. Makes enemies more likely to attack Barricadus. Lasts 500 TUs.